Amazon US module released & some more eBay features!

We're finally live with our Amazon US module! Users can now use the Amazon US market from version 1762 onwards.

Any sign-ups to our Amazon US module before 30th June will get 50% off the price of the subscription for life! * applies to plans that are normally £10/month or larger

Included in the release is also some new features and feature enhancements to the eBay market.


eBay display module

Some merchants had asked that they be able to display some of thier eBay listings directly on thier store - to drive more traffic to thier eBay shop. So we added a new feature to the OpenBay Pro for eBay module called "eBay display", located under your Extensions > Modules area.

It looks the same as the standard OpenCart featured items module - except that the links will take the user directly to the eBay listing. There is no charge to use this module and even if you dont use the other features of OpenBay Pro - you can still use this.


2nd stage of the template modifications

Stage 1 was our changes to the tags on the eBay listings by moving to a true template language called Twig. Overall it has been received well by the community and we have already seen some people utilising the more advanced benefits to the move!

Now we have completely got rid of the html files under your theme folder (yay!), adding templates now is as easy as ever...all done through the eBay admin area of OpenBay Pro - add, edit delete! There is even a cool editor widget running so your html code is colour co-ordinated.

If you have been using a custom theme or even one of our default themes you will need to copy the html from your old file into the new admin area. We have added a new section to our shop for eBay themes and hopefully very soon we will be adding new ones (both free and paid)

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