New features added! Listing limits, responsive template and more!

It's been a quite month for new releases, but its given us some time to plan out the road ahead (and get some rest too!)

After our trip to Hong Kong in March to meet up with the OpenCart team we got some great insight to the direction of where we need to be in the coming months. 

We have also been getting some quality feedback from eBay too - helping us spot what we needed to have for sellers to increase the chances with successful selling on eBay.

As for the changes (so far), its not a huge list but its a great start to the month.


  1. Added product listing limits to help new eBay sellers reduce the amount of products they have to list. I.e a  seller may have 100 items in stock of a single product but can now choose to list a lower amount and have the remaining amount in a reserve. OpenBay Pro will automatically try to maintain the original listed level until the stock depletes. This feature is also available for variant listings.
  2. Items that sell out on eBay now remove the item link in OpenCart.
  3. Error message displayed when creating a new listing with 0 stock in OpenCart.
  4. Users can now edit variant products using the edit tool for listing limits, price and product title.
  5. New orders will now try to get the zone_code - search is done on country name and state/region passed from eBay. This is not 100% effective unless the OpenCart zones are the same as the eBay name.
  6. New attribute tag added that will get all attributes for the OpenCart product and add to the listing template. To use this tag just add {attributes}
  7. New menu under the OpenBay Pro option to help navigate quicker.
  8. New listing theme (Bootstrap), based on the Twitter Bootstrap CSS framework (not including jQuery) - allows for responsive listing themes which will help sellers when buyers are browsing on mobile applications such as iPhone or iPad. There is also a very simple Javascript code in here to swap the main images when the thumbnails are clicked on. Its not the prettiest but a live version can be seen here:

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