NoLogo - "Powered by" logo removal in listings

NoLogo - "Powered by" logo removal in listings
NoLogo - "Powered by" logo removal in listings
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Our logo removal service is for use with the OpenBay Pro module and eBay listings. OpenBay Pro is an extremely popular module for OpenCart that integrates your customers, orders and products with both eBay and Amazon marketplaces; allowing your products to be seen by lots of potential customers. Click here to learn more about OpenBay Pro!
When your products are listed to eBay using OpenBay Pro, a discreet “Powered By OpenBay Pro” logo appears. This logo removal service will hide all of the logos in your existing listings, giving your eBay listings a more professional look. This is a subscription service and when your subscription to NoLogo expires, all of your listings will revert to showing the logo.
Please supply your store URL in the field above. Your store URL is required so that we can match your account in the OpenBay Pro user database and remove the logo. This URL should be the URL of your store, e.g.
  • Removal of the OpenBay Pro Logo from eBay Listings
  • Subscription Service
If you have any questions about our NoLogo service, please create a support ticket HERE

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