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A bit about OpenBay Pro

Managing your eBay store is difficult enough without the additional work to manage an ecommerce store too, we know because we have been there and done that!

OpenBay Pro has been designed with one thing in mind; make life easier for eBay sellers while increasing sales. Imagine being able to sell across multiple platforms but manage everything in one single place - that's what we have done.

We decided that OpenCart was a great ecommerce platform, no matter how big your store is. Cutting out all of the bloated, pointless things that 99% of sellers don't use it offers a fast and lightweight solution to sell online. Not to mention that its Open Source, meaning that its totally free to do as you please with.

OpenBay Pro sets some really good standards of development, unique ideas and simplicity of use. Some of the great features include:

Any module, no matter what platform it is developed for is only as good as its support. Our clients know that if they email or phone us with a problem, its dealt with. Its not an over sea's helpdesk - we are right here in the UK.


Not confident with setting everything up?

Try using our automated service from, the install process provides OpenCart installation, vQmod installation and OpenBay Pro installation.

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