Getting started with OpenBay Pro

OpenBay Pro is an OpenCart module that links your eBay and Amazonaccount to your OpenCart store.

  1. You need to have OpenCart installed. You can download and install OpenCart yourself on your own hosting. Or you can use to set up hosting, OpenCart, vQmod and even install OpenBay Pro for you automatically.
  2. vQmod is an extension for OpenCart that is also required.
  3. Download and install the OpenBay Pro module from here: OpenBay Pro for OpenCart - OpenBay Pro is free to download and install.

Once you have the module installed you then need a subscription to each of the markets you want to use.

Thats it! We are happy to offer support if you need it, please raise a support ticket here

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James Allsup

Creator of OpenBay Pro with a passion for eBay retail. PHP developer at heart who loves everything about API integration and ecommerce.

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