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Importing items from eBay

Important information about importing products:

  • Importing items from eBay will import Buy It Now and Shop format items. It will NOT import auction products.
  • It will import the eBay categories of the products and build you a category structure in your store. It DOES NOT use your eBay Shop categories.
  • You can only import items on some of the paid plans, you cannot use the free plan and import products.
  • Turn off maintenance mode on your OpenCart store!
  • The yellow banners are NOT warnings - they are just messages about your server limits and they will always be shown

Before you import your items from eBay you should sync all of the settings with eBay.

  • In the eBay admin area click Syncronise
  • Update all available options in this area

You should import all orders to ensure the stock is not adjusted for older orders

  • In the eBay admin area click Import Orders
  • Click the pull orders button and wait a few minutes for the orders to arrive

Now to import the items go to the Import items icon in the eBay admin area.

  • Check your Max POST size is suitable (we suggest change to 999Mb)
  • Check your PHP memory limit is suitable (we suggest change to 512Mb or greater)
  • Tick the box to include item descriptions if needed. Caution! This will import the HTML too, it will also take much longer to process and require a higher POST limit size and PHP memory limit.
  • Click import.

Importing will take a few hours. DO NOT click the import button again.

Did your items not import?

  • Do you have a large enough plan? Click hear to see the plans and features.
  • Check that your store is NOT in maintenance mode
  • Check your post and memory limits
  • Check with your hosting provider that you can use PHP functions: mbstrings, gzlib, serialize

If all else fails please raise a support ticket.

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