OpenCart hosting



1. Firstly you will need to give access to your marketplace for our application.
   1.1. Go to
   1.2. Click the "Sign up for MWS" button.
   1.3. Log into your Amazon seller account.
   1.4. On the MWS registration page, click the button for "I want to give a developer access to my Amazon seller account with MWS.".
   1.5. In the Developer's Name text box enter: Welford Media
   1.6. In the Developer Account Number text box, enter: 4472-2555-7871
   1.7. Complete registration.
   1.8. Copy your account identifiers.
2. Reach registration form under Subscription tab (Extensions -> OpenBay Pro -> Subscription) or directly here:
3. Register
4. Enter registred account details under Settings tab (Extensions -> OpenBay Pro -> Settings)
5. Click "Save" button.
Here you can review available plans and prices. If you are registered user - you will also see your current plan and account balance.
If you have items in your Amazon marketplace and your OpenCart store then you will need to establish a link between the items. This process may take some time but it has been made a simple as possible for you. You can add links between Amazon and OpenCart products in two ways:
1. For single item: Under the Link Items tab enter Product name, amazon SKU and click add. (Autocomplete will help you to enter correct Product name),
2. For multiple unlinked items: Under the Link Items tab click "Load". This will show all unlinked items for easier input.
You can list items on Amazon marketplace directly from your OpenCart administration panel. 
If Amazon extension for OpenBay pro is enabled and installed correctly, you will see "Markets" column in your Products catalog. Here are the steps to list your item on Amazon:
1. Open Products catalog.
2. Click "Amazon - Create listing" on product which you want to list.
3. Fill "Quick listing" or "Advanced listing form" and click "Save" button.
4. Saved listings will appear under "Saved listings" tab. (You can save multiple listings locally before actually uploading them to Amazon.)
5. Click "Upload" button under "Saved listings" tab.
This method is used when matching product already exist in Amazon catalogue. Matching is found by Amazon using Standard product id (ASIN, ISBN, UPS, EAN)
This method is used to create new listings on Amazon. 
Saved listings tab shows list of product listings which are saved locally and ready to be uploaded to Amazon.
When Amazon extension is installed and enabled you will see status icon and Amazon action text next to each item in products catalog. 
Status Description

[Red] Amazon -Pending

Product listing was uploaded to Amazon. Wait for response. (Look at "Processing time" to learn about wait times)

[Red] Amazon - Create listing

Product listing is not saved nor uploaded to amazon. Click to create Amazon listing

[Red] Amazon - Fix errors

Product listing was uploaded but was not accepted/activated by Amazon. Click to view errors and revise listing.

[Green] Amazon - Saved

Product has ready (local) listing for Amazon. Click to revise or upload all saved listings.

[Green] Amazon - Update listing

Product listing was uploaded and activated by Amazon without known errors. You can click to edit/save to upload again.



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