It's time for the May OpenBay Pro release. New features added!


It's been just over a month since our last major update and were happy to release our latest version today.
Version 1716 is a mix of new features and some critical service updates - designed to make the link between eBay, Amazon and much more stable. Below is a list of the items covered in this release.
  • [Feature] New bulk order status update feature - also works for non-openbay orders!
  • Fixed a bug with the last stock of a variant (OpenStock) product selling and not ending the item on eBay. This would only happen if the item was sold through the web shop/Amazon/Play
  • [Feature] Templates for eBay now use Twig. This was a great move as it allows for conditional statements like IF this, do this ELSE do this. It will add much greater flexibility when items are listed. If you have a custom template you need to change your current tags to the new ones - more info can be found here:
  • Fixed a bug with the module when a product stock level reached 0 it would not end the item on the market place.
  • Tracking numbers are no longer required for eBay shipping status (meaning that you no longer have to enter “none” if you use a non-tracking shipping service)
  • Improved the logging for the module - much more debug info is logged if the setting is enabled (recommended)
  • [Feature] eBay orders now have a lock feature to prevent the same order being processed twice, this was caused by eBay notifications happening at the same time as a schedule causing some orders to be removed completely.
  • Improved the bulk listing tool when a suggested category cannot be found on eBay - it will now allow you to select an option manually.
  • [Feature] Amazon orders can now have a courier and tracking number when they are confirmed shipped in OpenCart.
  • Additional links such as edit, view item and return to list have been added to the confirm page when you list an eBay item.
  • All eBay, Amazon and orders use the same generic email notification to administrators. It can be turned on or off for each market place.
  • Fix to orders for items paid in Euro’s where the incorrect price would display on the order page.
Keep your feature suggestions coming!
As we roll into the British summer months we will be trying to improve the module with as many great ideas that we can get packed in. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter for our latest updates and news #openbaypro

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