New FAQ's & tutorial videos

We've been thinking of ways to help users get used to OpenBay Pro, and we came up with 2 great ideas!

For most pages on OpenBay Pro you will see an FAQ popup bubble the first time you go to that page. Inside the bubble will be a direct link to the relevant FAQ section on our site. There has been lots of text to do and we are about 90% of the way there. If you have any suggestions for the FAQ site that will help new users be sure to let us know!

Our second plan was to create a YouTube channel and get some tutorial videos on there. Although a lot of features may be simple to use we want to eventually document everything to video. Inside the FAQ sections you will find an accompanying video to go with the information.

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James Allsup

Creator of OpenBay Pro with a passion for eBay retail. PHP developer at heart who loves everything about API integration and ecommerce.

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