We've upgraded to a new support system! New SLAs & FAQ

We released our own support system about 18 months ago and after 2000 tickets from users we decided that we needed something to move with the times. Instead of allocating our own precious studio time (which is like gold dust due to OpenBay Pro!) we have outsourced the support system to a 3rd party cloud solution. 

Although we're not too keen on outsourcing, we have to admit that we use A LOT of software from this particular company - and have nothing but praise for it all. They even introduced some custom coding for free to ensure that our new system had everything our old system did...and more! Although its not cheap, we think its worth every penny to help improve support, give more info and make things easier.

We have combined our forum, FAQ and support desk all into one - check it out here.

Our FAQ section will still stay on this site (we are in the process of writing our own OpenCart FAQ module to make it awesome), but we added a new knowledge base on the new support site too. The video tutorials are also available to view there too.

I guess the most important thing is that we have lowered our target SLA time from 7 days down to 3 days - although its just a target, we believe that customers should get the support they need quicker and in the future it may be lowered further.

Oh, and the Mac users running safari can eventually create support tickets! We still to this day have no clue why that error happened..

Let us know what you think of our new support site and keep any suggestions coming, thanks to the many many people who have provided suggestions and been patient while we upgraded it all.

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James Allsup

Creator of OpenBay Pro with a passion for eBay retail. PHP developer at heart who loves everything about API integration and ecommerce.

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