OpenBay Pro now fully integrated into OpenCart!


OpenBay Pro is at the highest level of technology in combining the selling power of eBay, Amazon and Play all in one online shop, OpenCart. OpenBay Pro has set a precedent for online marketplaces and is arguably the most versatile and powerful module available on OpenCart for improving the selling potential of your products. Now, OpenBay Pro has just got better! We have now made it easier for you to enjoy and profit from the benefits of OpenBay Pro with even simpler integration.

There is now no need to download the module, no need to install the module, no need to worry about compatibility with your current OpenCart Store. OpenBay Pro is completely pre-integrated into the new release of OpenCart v1.5.6! In addition, don’t worry about needing to upgrade OpenCart to get the latest versions of OpenBay Pro, we have still kept the update feature allowing you to upgrade versions as they are released.

Download the latest version of OpenCart and see for yourself.

Click on the link, install OpenCart and start promoting your products across multiple marketplaces! Quick, simple and extremely cost effective so you can start increasing your profits almost instantly!

Here at OpenBay Pro, we are extremely excited about the integration and release of the new OpenCart, as i’m sure you are, but it doesn’t end there. We have done even more! I know, it just gets better and better. In addition to the integration into OpenCart, the new features include:

  • Improved product listing tool for Amazon products making it much easier to find an existing products on Amazon or create a new one from the catalog.

  • New listing management page to find products active on external markets and see a quick overview of what status they are. There is also some advanced filters to find a range of products better in your catalog.

  • And many more subtle changes including; code optimisation, vqmod file minimising, market status tab in product page.

With these new features and the huge list of existing ones, it makes sense to give OpenBay Pro a try. For old versions of OpenCart, simply visit this link to download the module:

Alternatively, download the latest version of OpenCart and it is already pre-installed for you! Simply got to “Extensions” -> “OpenBay Pro”. Sign up and start enjoying the benefits!

If you would like more information then please feel free to contact us on +44 113 815 7771, or

OpenBay Pro Team.

P.S for more information on the great features now included in OpenCart, click here to see OpenCart’s release:


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James Allsup

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