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OpenCart Themes & Responsive Layout

Cheap OpenCart Themes

Using free or low cost OpenCart themes usually means that your not the only ecommerce store using it. Although they are ideal for start-ups and saving money it certainly won't give your business a unique image or truely reflect your company's brand. Yes you can change colours, images and fonts but underneath the OpenCart theme is still the same as a lot of other stores and customers will notice this!

Additionally a lot of theme developers don't follow standards usually because they don't think they need to, or because they don't know how to. Standards are very important! We see many customers using a cheap OpenCart theme and all have similar problems. 

Responsive OpenCart templates

With the percentage of sales made with a smartphone/tablet on the rise, it's smart for a store owner to use a responsive template. A responsive design on your website just means that when a potential customer visits your site on their device, your site will re-adjust to fir the screen size of that device. Making it easier for them to browse and purchase from your site. 

Custom E-commerce Theme

Custom themes can be costly, but the outcome is an original and individual design that allows your store the ability to stand out from the competition.

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