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OpenStock - Product Options & Variant Stock Control
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OpenStock allows OpenCart store owners to create individual stock levels and prices for any product variation, rather than having to list each variation as individual products. This is a useful feature for any e-commerce store as it allows you to see which styles sell the most; allowing you to manage your stock levels more efficiently and market product options dependant on stock. OpenStock also allows you to sell individual options on both eBay & Amazon marketplaces. Having accurate inventory management of product options or variants is a must for every e-commerce store.
Please note: this can be used with Amazon, however, you'll need to create the listing within Amazon with variants and then link this up within OpenBay Pro with the Amazon SKU, this can not be done within OpenBay Pro when Listing a product to Amazon
Please note that this module was built and works with the default OpenCart theme, custom/unique themes may need editing, and we offer this service via our OpenBay Pro shop site. Please note that if there is a technical issue then to raise a ticket however if the issue is caused by your theme you will be advised that you'll need a Custom Theme Patch Service
  • Individual stock control of each product option
  • Customer group pricing (default, wholesale prices etc)
  • Unique image per option
  • Easy to use administrator product area
  • Multi-language support
  • Ajax loading of pricing, stock status and image
  • Easy install under Extensions > Modules
  • vQmod file modification - no core code changes
  • Export / Import feature (via CSV) for product variants - allows bulk stock control - NEW!
The reworked administrator product area makes managing product options easy, simply select a product to use options or just enter a stock value and SKU code to use the product without options. Once you add the options that you need, your stock table is automatically calculated showing you all of the possible stock options that can be controlled.
All of the standard features, such as points, price change and weight, exist with the options, but you now have individual control over each variant; active or inactive, subtract stock, SKU code and stock level. The standard default product template has been redone to enhance the user experience - ajax boxes immediately display the stock status or if the option is not available to order. Stock control can be performed on form select, radio or image choice so it's perfect for clothing stores that have size and colour options. You can also add normal options such as text fields, uploads and more - these will not affect your stock control for the other options.
The checkout checks stock levels on a variant basis, so if a customer orders 2 of the same item but with different option choices then the stock levels are shown for the option choice, not just the product! Product specials and discount tabs are disabled if a product has options. You can set discount quantities and also customer group pricing on a variant basis.
For Example
If a store sells a t-shirt that is available in 2 sizes and comes in 2 different colours, they already have to manage the stock for 4 individual products.  OpenCart as standard doesn't do this; it allows for the options but not controlling the stock - that’s where the OpenStock module comes in! Once you add your options to the product and hit save, all of the possible product variations will be calculated for you - just fill in the stock levels, status and price if you need a custom price for different variations.
Link to OpenBay Pro for eBay and Amazon!
When you have OpenStock and OpenBay Pro for eBay and OpenBay Pro for Amazon installed you can also list to those marketplaces using variants of products.
Using a custom OpenCart theme?
If you use a theme other than the default OpenCart one you may need to modify if the XML files to match your theme's code. It takes about 45 minutes to do this if you understand HTML,CSS and javascript. Don't worry if you don't know how to code as we can provide this service for you! Just choose the theme customization option when adding your module to the cart.
  • OpenStock only works on OpenCart versions to
  • v170 - Bulk variant creator
  • v169 - Option between regular options and OpenStock options per product
  • v161 - Variant SKU's now displayed on order invoice/order info. You can now turn on/off special tab at the product level.
  • v160 - Added compatibility for regular version
  • v159 - Fixed missing columns for those upgrading
  • v158 - Added start and end date to specials and discounts
  • You can see a working example of OpenStock for OpenCart options here.
We're always looking for ways to improve the OpenStock module. If you have any ideas on what we should do next, we'd love to hear from you! Simply head to our suggestions site where you can add new ideas and vote for your favourites. 
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Having issues with the module? Please create a support ticket HERE  and a member of our dedicated support team will be able to help you.

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