The world's online marketplace, eBay bringing sellers and buyers together to sell practically anything.

With a feature rich listing tool and even a bulk upload option, getting your products listed to eBay couldn't be easier. The benefits of selling your items on your own OpenCart store combined with the power of eBay are that you can increase your product exposure, create an additional online branding presence, you can receive feedback and also have the added payment protection through PayPal payments. All eBay markets are supported.

Combining the two systems, you are increasing your brand awareness and also product awareness, which in turn translates to more exposure, more traffc and ultimately more sales!

The eBay integration is a subscription service with no minimum contract term. So you can cancel it whenever you like alternatively you can sign up for as long as you want!

some of the many benefits

  • Easy 2 click listings from OpenCart to eBay
  • Full Stock Synchronisation
  • Full Order Synchronisation
  • Variable Price List per Product
  • Product Description Synchronisation

With full stock level synchronisation as well as an easy to use interface. OpenBay Pro for eBay is the perfect business tool for your online OpenCart shop.



The arrival of Amazon marketplace placed them in a whole new league, allowing you to buy from either Amazon or a private seller

Amazon have their own catalogue which has an extensive list of products. This means you can bypass the trivial step of individually listing your products. This saves time and effort from your part, allowing you to focus more on your business. If your product, however isn't in the catalogue you can simply add it as long as it has a barcode! It's as simple as that.

In addition to this, Amazon offer a seller protection service. Since payments are managed by Amazon Payments, sellers are protected from credit chargebacks and more. Amazon guarantee every marketplace transaction so you can sell with complete confidence.

some of the many benefits

  • Stock Synchronisation
  • Order Synchronisation
  • Amazon Seller Protection
  • Amazon Catalogue for easy product listings

Like eBay, the Amazon module is an essential part to promoting and increasing your business. The increase in traffic and sales will certainly make your business profits more attractive

OpenBay Pro for Amazon is a subscription service with no minimum term contract so you can sign up for as long or little as you like.



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